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"Ownership of outcomes is a pathway to greater personal investment in goals, enhanced engagement and higher levels of motivation"

(Clarke, Crowe, Oades, and Deane, 2009).

Personal Development and Growth

Here2There (H2T) works with organisations to effectively support and develop people, enabling them to reach their full potential. At the centre of H2T is a belief that people respond best when they feel ownership of their development plans so we have created a methodology and our award winning software (ForMi) that embraces a person centred, strength based approach. 

H2T was created in response to social care legislation which requires people in receipt of support to be at the heart of the production and progression of their plans. However it quickly became clear that the H2T solution is applicable to any organisation that is committed to developing people and consequently is now also providing a fresh approach to companies who are seeking to effectively develop the performance of their workforce.

"Voice and control – putting the individual and their needs, at the centre of their care, and giving them a voice in, and control over, reaching the outcomes that help them achieve well-being".
Fundamental Principles of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act

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Our award winning personal development app

ForMi enables organisations to measure the impact of the individual's progress in an innovative and simple way. It enables outcomes to be measured against both the individual’s own goals and against standardised outcomes

Supported People

H2T has a strong background within the social care, health and education sectors and an independent benchmarking report demonstrates how we ‘measure up’ across the 4 Nations of the UK in relation to legislation and guidance. Find out more about how we work with organisations and hear from our clients.


Enabling people to progress is an essential part of building a strong corporate culture and maintaining motivation and loyality. H2T provides a fresh and effective approach. Find out more about how we work with organisations and hear from our clients.

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How it works

"A human tendency when considering how to improve is to focus on weaknesses or problem areas and try to fix them. However, there's growing research showing that it can be better to help people build their strengths and replicate successes in other areas of their work. Strengths-based approaches tend to take a coaching style and be more future-focused, which may be part of the reason for their effectiveness. They don’t mean ignoring ‘weaknesses, but rather taking a default approach of focusing on what’s already working well."


 Chartered Institute for Personal Development

The benefits to our approach:


Enables individuals to take ownership of their goals and progression


Provides clear evidence of impact and can also benchmark against specific frameworks

Solution Focused

It is a strength-based solution, that provides motivation and direction

Connects People

Enables all those  involved in the individual's support/development to collaborate easily

Saves Time

The ForMi software enables effective realtime collaboration and feedback, improving communication and reducing meetings


We provide a bespoke consultancy service with a
competition winning digital tool, creating a one
stop solution that delivers maximum impact

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