Our Services

We employ a four step approach which ensures a tailored solution and meaningful adoption  of our services. This delivers the best outcomes for the individual and the organisation.

Step One: Discover

We work with your organisation to identify where you are in respect of developing people using a people centred, strength based approach.

Step Two: Design

We address any knowledge or skill gaps and enhance the feedback process through a tailored training programme.

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Step Three: Deliver

The third step is to apply this new approach by utilising the ForMi software which effectively supports its adoption. (This stage can be bypassed, if an alternative solution is already in place).

Step Four: Impact

At this stage we look to measure the impact that this  approach is having, assess the adoption level and if applicable, make further recommendations to enable you to optimise the approach.

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We engage with people within your organisation to discover what is working well now (and why), and explore aspirations for the future. This centers around how the organisation develops its people and maximises their potential. We do this in a way that is motivating and focuses on the positives, whilst still addressing potential areas for change through a solution focused lens. This is the foundation for the next stage, Design.




We work in a co-productive way to design personal development strategies that go beyond traditional approaches. We focus on how the organisation captures individual’s assets and potential, in ways that go beyond their job role. This makes them feel valued and enhances the way they contribute to the organisation in creative and meaningful ways.


As part of this we review your one-to-one processes of development and support, from annual performance reviews through to more regular supervision type processes. This includes how goals are agreed and monitored.


Finally, we look at how the organisation records and measures the impact of the work that people are doing, the ‘so what’ question. We look at the activity and how well it actually makes a difference to the ‘customer’. The customer can range from people being provided with personalised and tailored support, through to people receiving other types of services.




The third step is to make recommendations that involve new systems and ways of working. These may include tools that we are able to provide, or other ways of working that enhance the development process for staff at all levels. We also ensure that sustainability is built in – i.e., that new ways of working are embedded within the organisation for long term benefit.


The result of all the above are people who feel valued and who are able to make the most of their potential. This benefits the individual and the organisation. The organisation is also able to evidence the impact of their work in order to inform future development, and for other stakeholders such as funders and regulators.


All this also feeds into mechanisms that seek to measure the value added to the investment made, an area that has increasing levels of focus across many businesses and services.



We recognise the importance of measuring the impact of what you do and to ensure the organisation embeds any new approaches into everyday practice and is able to sustain changes made. It also helps to measure return on investment made in supporting the development of individuals. For the individuals involved measuring impact enables them to recognise their journey and the successes they have achieved and carry this through as they continue to develop.

We can work with you review the application and usage of the ForMi app and identify the development journey of individuals. In doing this it is possible to identify what is working effectively and what changes are needed, along with the identification of any knowledge and skills gaps and how these could be supported.