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Supporting individuals in ways that focus on what is important TO them

Developing Employees

According to research conducted by the Chartered Institute for Personal Development, criticisms of traditional approaches to performance reviews are:

  • They aren’t frequent enough.

  • They focus on past performance with little attention paid to future performance improvement, learning and development.

  • Assessments are too subjective and not a reliable reflection of actual performance, especially if they use ‘forced ranking’ or ‘guided distribution’ ratings (that is, a fixed proportion of employees must be rated as high or low performers).

  • Feedback often comes from a single source (the line manager) which can give too narrow a view.

  • The process is excessively bureaucratic, time consuming and demotivating.

Working with H2T and using the ForMi tool enables organisations to address all of these criticisms by implementing an effective development programme which will increase the motivation and skill set of the individual and resulting in a higher retention and talent development for the organisation.

Whilst organisations appreciate the benefit that implementing or enhancing a development programme can bring, often the administrative burden placed on managers to deliver regular reviews and their mixed expertise in respect of developing people, can mean that the desired impact is not realised.

By working with H2T and our three step approach we can identify the where your organisation sits currently in respect of effective development of its people. We will then tailor training and support services to enhance standards before providing our ForMi tool which enables effective reviews to be delivered simply without all the "paperwork".

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CIPD On Strength Based Approaches

Read more about the the CIPD has said around the effectiveness of strength based performance reviews and other ways to optimise their impact. Click here

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Find out more about our award winning software. for further information on ForMi, click here

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Collaborate without Boundaries

ForMi uses a circle of support function you are able to include people outside of your organisation, which can include tutors, protected characteristic mentors, external secondment managers etc. This supports effective and efficient collaborate working, enabling everyone to stay in touch with how the individual is progressing and to provide real-time support.

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