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What we've learnt so far.....

✓ When it works, it works! Where people have been able to introduce ForMi as intended it has worked really well. This includes clear positive outcomes for the individuals involved.

Elements of this include good training of staff, management ‘buy-in’, support to individuals to understand the system, the right devices in place, ongoing support etc.

✓ Some lovely stories emerging with positive outcomes for individuals. This is great for the

individuals and for the organisation.

✓ Some really positive managers and leaders who believe in what ForMi can offer. This has

driven progress through difficult times.

✓ Creative ideas that have led to developments in ForMi. This is what it is all about, working

together to build a product that makes a real difference in people’s lives.

And the challenges.......?!

• Covid! A major challenge for everyone that impacted significantly on a few providers.

• Staffing shortages linked to the above.

• Staff forgetting how to use the system due to delays in implementation (mainly due to Covid)

• Access to the right devices for staff and individuals.

• Glitches in the system that needed either development work our side, or actions by users.

Although this was always going to happen it can frustrate progress. Most of these are now

behind us with some great learning.

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