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What the people say....

During October we joined in a review on Zoom from one of the learning disability supported living houses using the H2T App. Four individuals and one member of staff were involved. All four individuals are actively using the App and they spoke about how it has helped them focus on what is important to them. For most people this related to keeping healthy during the lock-down. Comments from individuals included 'I found it easy to use - it's like Facebook', 'It's really good for my confidence', 'staff help me and I use it in my spare time', 'it makes me happy and relaxed' and 'I really like the scores - I'm over the moon'. One of the most encouraging things was seeing people using their App during the meeting - very naturally and without prompting. It really seems to have become part of their life, particularly during lockdown. We also hope to have feedback from the Children's Homes provider in NE Wales we are working with over the next few weeks. This will again provide us with more personal experiences in order to ensure the system is ready to fully launch early 2021. This whole pilot has been invaluable in terms of ironing out gliches in the system, making changes and adding new functionality.

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