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Tech Advances

Our first prototype version of the app was what is called a ‘Mobile Web Application’. What this really means is that it a website which has been designed to work well on a mobile device, it looks and feels like a native app but it is a single app that runs on both Apple and Android devices (or any other web enabled device) For our new version we decided that we should develop native versions of the app to release onto the Apple and Google play stores, this enables users to quickly and easily find the app in the stores. This level of simplicity and familiarity helps to streamline getting users onto the app. It also has some other advantages over a web application most noticeably push notifications on iOS devices. This enables us to provide little nudges and reminders to users about their goals and posts which is hugely important to encourage adoption. However there are also drawbacks with a native application, most notably it requires that users actually download the software onto their device, this can cause procedural problems within some organisations, especially local authorities. For this reason we also supply a web application along side the native apps. In addition to this our management software is completely web based, again to circumvent any issues with software installs. We are still unsure if our users will gravitate towards the native or web mobile app but it will be interesting to see how each one is used of the next few months.

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