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So how's it all going?!

We are throughly enjoying working a number of orgasniations as they move forward with their adoption of Formi.

These include:

✓ Denbighshire County Council - Working Denbighshire using ForMi within their new Barod

scheme, supporting young people who are furthest away from employment.

✓ Denbighshire County Council’s Therapeutic Service, working with families who require

additional support. A really interesting and exciting application of ForMi with goals for

families, rather than individuals. Individuals within the family then have their own actions,

supported by the Circle of Support.

✓ Swansea Social Services in-house LD services. Using the system really well with emerging case studies demonstrating great outcomes for individuals.

✓ Torfaen County Council using ForMi within their day services for people with a learning

disability. There has been a strong focus on training, both in ForMi and PCP/Outcomes

recording, as part of a wider push to enable individuals to have greater voice and control.

✓ Cartref Ni - not for profit LD provider in North Wales using the system within two of their

homes. Working well for a few individuals and committed to extending this out others. Some

great outcomes for a couple of individuals during lock-down.

✓ Outside Lives - Vol org in North Wales doing some lovely work supporting a range of

people, including those with disabilities and mental health challenges. Strong environmental focus and improving people’s overall wellbeing. Have used ForMi very well with a range of individuals and committed to making it a central part of their ‘offer’ -

✓ Community Lives. Not for profit in South Wales supporting people with LD. Not used the

system due to Covid pressures but currently seeking funding to use ForMi across their

service. Totally committed to the principles behind ForMi and have been the catalyst to us

engaging with a National group in Wales developing commissioning standards. See further

information below.

We are also starting to work with some exciting new organisations who are going to use ForMi and develop their PCP/Outcomes Recording processes. These include:

➢ CAMHS service – introducing ForMi within their Family Wellbeing Service for young people with mental health problems. This is an early intervention service with referral from GPs.

➢ Agreement to use ForMi within Welsh Government funded pilots of exciting and innovative

new fostering support service to be launched in Wales next year.

➢ PCP and Outcomes recording workshops for 2 local authorities and a not-for-profit LD

provider. These are independent of ForMi but embed the ethos and processes incorporated

within the system. This facilitates a smooth transition into the use of ForMi at a later stage.

➢ Advanced discussions to use ForMi with hospice transition services.

➢ Links with NHS Wales and developments around PROMS (Patient Reported Outcomes

Measures). We were asked to present at their annual conference in June 22. Key interest is

ForMi’s ability to report on both personal outcomes and standardised outcome measures.

➢ Member of National Group in Wales developing Commissioning Standards. Again, they are

interested in how ForMi supports PCP and outcome reporting and in particular how it can

report on both personal and standard outcome measures.

➢ In discussion with a regional carers organisation interested in how ForMi can support carers.

➢ Part of the DEEP (Developing Evidence Enriched Practice) project out of Swansea

University. At the centre of this project is the recognition of the power of people’s stories.


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