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Register for our free webinar: Friend not Foe : making outcomes meaningful

Friend not Foe - Making outcome recording meaningful

Identifying outcomes and how we measure them continues to be at the heart of support services. Sometimes called the ‘so what’ question on the basis it focuses on the impact of our interventions and support processes. However, this can be a complex and sometimes divisive subject. What are outcomes? How do we measure them? Whose outcomes are we focusing on? What does the word mean to ordinary people? What research is taking place in this area and what guidance is coming out of the sector?

These are just a few of the questions we will touch on during this introductory one-hour webinar. There will be three presentations, which will light the fires of enquiry into this important area.

To sign-up for this free webinar on Friday 15th July at 13:00 click here. Details of the agenda and presenters are below. Please note it will be a prompt start at 13:00.

13:00 - Kat Applewhite - Welcome and introduction

13:05 - Nick Andrews - the work of the DEEP (Developing Evidence Enriched Practice) programme based out of Swansea University.

13:30 - Vicky Allen - Where are we now? A perspective on what is working well and some of the challenges within the social care sector

13:40 - Roger Rowett - A brief overview of some of the current activity in this area including the Social Care Wales guidance - Friend not Foe and the NHS work on PROMS (Patient Recorded Outcome Measures)

13:50 - A poll of participants on future sessions to allow more in-depth conversations in this and related areas.

14:00 - Close and where next

Nick Andrews - Developing Evidence Enriched Practice (DEEP)

Nick is a registered Social Worker, with many years’ experience in social work, social care and social education across children and adult services. Since 2013, he has been working in Swansea University where he leads the Developing Evidence Enriched Practice (DEEP) programme. The aim of this programme of work is to build bridges between research and practice in social care, through collaborative approaches to research, policy and practice development. He works with a wide range of local authorities, other social care policy and practice organisations, academic institutions and community-based organisations. Nick also teaches on the Social Work course in Swansea University.

Vicky Allen

Vicky is the managing director of WELV Consulting, which she founded in 2015 following a successful career in local authority social care, where she was Head of Children’s Services and Safeguard in her final role. With a focus on supporting positive change within social care services, Vicky is passionate and committed to deliver, promote, and enhance working cultures and practice.

Roger Rowett

Roger has previously worked as a professional advisor for Children’s Services for the Care Inspectorate in Wales and as an HMI for Estyn. Currently he is a Director of two businesses working across health, social care and education, and a Board member of a local Housing Association. He has a particular interest in Person Centred Planning, and Appreciative Inquiry and has written publications for Welsh Government in both areas, in addition to providing consultancy and training.

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