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Now we're film stars!

Last week we were pleased to be asked to be part of a new video to promote the Welsh Government's SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative). This was filmed at the Medical Institute in Wrexham. Roger Rowett, Director from, and Mel Evans, Principal Manager Strategic Employment for Denbighshire County Council (DCC), took part. The filming was carried out by Ben Stevens, the Creative Director of Story Jar, a local video production company.

Mel spoke about why DCC employability services are taking part in the current pilots, one of 9 from across Wales and England. She spoke enthusiastically about the innovative nature of the H2t App in terms of putting participants at the centre of their plan, and enabling their service to evidence the impact of their support programmes.

Roger spoke about the high quality of support they had received from SBRI, enabling them to carry out extensive research and development over an 18 month period. This centres on working closely with users within their pilot sites in order to learn what is working, and what needs further development.

We are really looking forward to seeing the end product which will used across Wales to promote the SBRI programme. Watch this space!

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