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New Workshops Announced

Following the huge success of our first webinar, we are now able to release the dates for a series of online workshops/ webinars. Book now to avoid disappointment!!

WORKSHOP 1 - Friend Not Foe guidance - 19th October 11:00 to 12:00

This will be facilitated by Jess Matthews and Emma Miller. Jess leads on this area of work for Social Care Wales and Emma was one of the authors of the document.

This resource looks at the principles and provides guidance to support personal outcomes-focused case recording based on research, consultation with practitioners, and evidence of what can work. The main focus is on case recording, by which we mean the day-to-day records of interactions between practitioners and people who use care and support, which inform and influence decision making for and with people.

It also provides different examples of outcome-focused recording and reflective exercises. These will help people, teams and organisations make sure the recording is consistent and meaningful, which will help them build relationships and understanding with people who use care and support.

WORKSHOP 2 - DEEP - 26th October 11:00 - 12:00

This will be facilitated by Nick Andrews from Swansea University. Evidence-based practice in social care and health is widely promoted. However, making it a reality remains challenging, in part because practitioners generally see knowledge that comes from practice as more relevant than academic research and often find research evidence inaccessible and shrouded by complex language and terminology. The Developing Evidence Enriched Practice (DEEP) research project sought to address this. The study resulted in the development of an approach to using research evidence that is participatory, meaningful and effective.

WORKSHOP 3 - ForMi project, putting principles into action - 2nd November 11:00 - 12:00

This will be facilitated by Roger Rowett and Stuart Short. Roger and Stuart founded the project in 2019. The concept responds to the eternal challenges many organisations have in relation to making person-centred planning real, and putting mechanisms in place that allow organisations to capture outcomes that are meaningful, both for the individual and the organisation that supports them.

It was winner of a National competition called ‘Better Lives Closer to Home’ run by Welsh Government (SBRI) which brought with it substantial R&D funding. Pilots were then run across Wales to test and refine the system. ForMi was also runner-up in 2022 of a UK award for technical innovation, from the Association for Business Psychology.

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