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Introducing ForMi

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Here2There is proud to launch its award winning personal development software "ForMi".

ForMi is a person-centred planning and outcome recording tool for employees or individuals receiving personalised support.

The system makes the whole planning, goal setting and review process come alive and gives ownership to the individual as far as possible which in turn motivates them to achieve and develop. It supports engaging conversations where an individual and their aspirations can be understood and goals developed that are aligned to their strengths.

ForMi consists of three parts:

  • The App - which individuals use to record progress and communicate with their circle of support. It has a similar feel to social media newsfeed enabling achievements to be captured as words and pictures

  • The Desktop - which mentors use to review progress help to set goals and recognise achievements

  • The Story Wall - this is a mini website specific to the individual which houses all their key accomplishments and qualifications.

An agreed Circle of Support works with each individual to provide encouragement, coaching, feedback and additional evidence of progression. They also have access to the individual’s story, seeing their achievements in real time. This in turn enables recognition to be given on a continuous rather than periodic basis.

The support circle can consist of people who sit outside of your organisation

thus connecting all the people who are involved in support the individual (whether they are in different teams or different organisation) to keep up to date with their goals and progress

To find out more visit our website or to book a demo email us at


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