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We have lift off!! Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! The new site showcases the H2T offer around strength based, person centred planning. It highlights the application of our approach in all sectors (Public, Private and Third). If you are involved in developing people, then you need to check us out!

We work with organisations on a three step approach:

1) Discover - we understand where you are now, looking at strategy in relation to developing people, the skills of those tasked with developing others and the tools you use

2) Design - we put together a bespoke programme to address any gaps in knowledge or process

3) Deliver - we introduce you to our award winning digital tool "ForMi" which enables this approach to development to be put into action, in a simple and highly "innovative" way.

4) Impact - At this stage we look to measure the impact that this approach is having and also assess the adoption level make further recommendations to enable you to optimise the approach.

"H2T delivers a transformational approach to people development"...check out our website to find out more or contact us at

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