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DEEP Impact

We were thrilled to receive the independent Review from Developing Evidence Enriched Practice Programme (DEEP), which benchmarked H2T against the 4 UK Nations, Social Care legislation. The report concluded:

"The TUVI app, online tool and H2T support processes fully align with social care policy guidance across all the four UK nations. It enacts the values, principles and approaches endorsed in relevant policy. In terms of care planning and outcomes recording it meets all the specifications detailed in policy.....[H2T] performs equally well when benchmarked against future policy planning documents. This indicates the durability and sustainability of the H2T approach. The alignment of H2T with relevant policy and legislation and the future proof nature of this alignment confer H2T with significant advantages."

Needless to say we are over the moon with this appraisal!

To read to full report visit our website

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