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Established in 2019, Here2There (H2T) was founded to inspire and support a fresh approach to developing people. Through its consultancy and training services, and the award winning "ForMi" software, H2T is able to provide both the theory and the application to achieve this.

At the heart of this approach is an ethos that empowers people to take meaningful ownership of their own development and goals/plans. This universal methodology can be used to support all people both in and out of the workplace. To date it has been used by companies across the public, private and third sector.


It can be used to support individuals who are in receipt of personalised support (e.g. Looked After Children, Employability programmes, young people who are NEET, Disability etc), as well as employees as part of their development and learning.

The Why and The What

Our Vision: To create a community where opportunity and progression is available to all

Our Mission: To empower everyone to achieve personal and / or professional growth by creating an effective and supportive environment that enables people to realise their potential

The Team

Roger Rowett | Managing Director

Roger is a Certified Business Psychologist and developed the concept of He has worked for a range of statutory, private and third sector organisations, mainly within the care and education sectors. He has also worked as an HMI for Estyn (Welsh Ofsted) and Senior Inspector for the Care Standards Inspectorate in Wales. Roger has written National guidance on Person Centred Planning and Appreciative Inquiry for the Care Council for Wales (now SCW) and Academi Wales. Roger became increasingly aware of the need for a system that captures people’s stories and lived experiences. Something that engages and motivates individuals to achieve and progress, supported by those around them. He also recognised the challenges organisations face in terms of evidencing the impact of their work, value for money, and outcomes for the people they are supporting.

Vicky Allen | Operations Director

Vicky has an extensive background working in social care where she was Head of Children’s Services and Safeguarding in her final role. Making positive and tangible changes to the delivery of social care services, Vicky is passionate and committed to delivering, promoting and enhancing working cultures and practices in order to provide positive outcomes and life experiences for individuals. Supporting people to be able to take control of their lives and do the things that matter to them is one of Vicky’s motivations. Vicky believes in all individuals being able to recognise the role they play and the contribution they make. She focuses on providing people with the opportunity to continually reflect on what they do well and to support them to continuously develop.

Kat Applewhite | Commercial Director

Kat has held numerous senior executive positions in both corporate and third sector businesses. As a former COO in a financial Services business, Kat understands the value that strategic planning, and strong governance and controls can make to an organisation. She has been responsible for numerous business functions including the operations, compliance, legal and marketing teams that operated across multiple sites in UK and Ireland. Kat is passionate about building a strong and sustainable business that puts people at the heart of its operations. Her positive, pragmatic approach means she is solution focused with the foresight to develop approaches that will propel a business forward. Kat is passionate about innovation and technology and in previous roles, has been responsible for the design and delivery of award-winning technology solutions

Stuart Short | Technical Director

Stuart has been developing innovative digital products, mainly within the education sector, for over 10 years. This includes sector leading apps for schools that allows everyone to be connected, including students, parents and teachers. Stuart has led on the technical development of ForMi, ensuring the App has remained responsive to the ideas and needs of users over extensive periods of testing.

Our History

Our company was 'born' in late 2019 based on a vision of enriching people's lives through empowering them to have meaningful ownership of their learning and development.

In 2020 we were successful in gaining funding from the Learning Disability Transformation Programme.  We piloted a prototype version of the `ForMi' system with Flintshire Social Services and Cartref Ni within six supported living houses over a 12 month period. During that time we also piloted the system with Woodlands, a children's homes provider in north-east Wales.

We implemented a continuous improvement methodology and our approach and online tool (ForMi) evolved throughout this time.

In late 2020 we won a National Welsh Government SBRI competition called 'Better Lives Closer to Home', one of only 5 winners from across the UK. This provided R&D funding and an opportunity to pilot the system in Denbighshire County Council's Working Denbighshire programme, providing support for young people into work.

In May of 2021 we were one of only three organisation to qualify for Phase 2 of the SBRI competition, this brought with it further R&D funding, based on our bid to conduct pilots across a range of organisations within England and Wales. This phase has enabled extensive user testing and further product development. H2T and ForMi launched to the market in March 2022.

H2t transforms the way that people are supported to achieve their aspirations and for organisations. It provides the tools to support joined-up working and to evidence the impact of interventions. In addition ForMi, particularly 'shines' during times of more remote working, supporting people in real time, in a highly individualised and positive way.


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Our Awards

Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 10.42.01.png

We were thrilled to be recognised by the ABP. "Technology Innovation" was a hotly contended category and we were thrilled to be awarded 2nd place.

Winning this national award  has been a really highlight for H2T. It recognised  both the innovation and impact that ForMi can have on people and the organisations that support them.

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